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What you should know about Removable orthodontic.

10:36 AM 10/11/2015

 It’s not only have better aesthetic than fixed method, but also when using removable tools you will feel more convenient and less costly.


How do we process with removable orthodontic?

Removable orthodontic treatment will be effectuated: select the removable orthodontic tools which is fit for each patients. You will wear this tool for a fixed period under the prescription of doctor. The removable denture can be pulled out when you need to clean your teeth, when eating or in important event like communicating with other people in public.

In the beginning, when wearing the tool, you may feel uncomfortable and “saliva-full” mouth but you will get used to it after 1 week.

Based on the state and degree of malocclusion, patient may have to wear the tool for 1 and a half to two years.


Advantage of wearing removable orthodontic tools?

-          More economic than fixed one.

-          It’s a relatively simpler method which required less chairside time.

-          If you feel irritated, you can remove it anytime.

-          It can be remove when you playing sport, so the damage to patient and equipment can be reduced to the minimum.

-          Can be easily remove for cleaning.

-          Fit for small children at age of 8 to 12 with evidences of malocclusion: intrusion and extrusion of front teeth, and crowding, whom should need to wear removable equipment for prevention.

Disadvantages of using removable equipments?

-          Too bulky in mouth

-          Not fir for person with low palates

-          Need highly cooperate from patients for treatment to success: because you can remove the equipment any time yourself. If you want a good result, you must wear it frequently, if you don’t wear it because of uncomfortable and bulky, it might not help achieve the expectation.

-          The result come slower than with fixed equipments



How we retain the removable equipment?

You need to wear it continuously if you want a quick and good result. You can only remove it when go to sleep or in special meeting.

When not wearing the equipment, you need to keep it in cool water. Contact with heat might deform it.

Remove it before playing sport.

Be careful when plug it in and take it out or you may deform plastic equipment.

The equipment should be kept clean but you should not brush it with tooth paste for it might erode the plastic.

You should only brush it with tooth brush under running water until they are completely clean.

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