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Dental braces wearing in lingual side

2:52 PM 10/11/2015

 Lingual bracer wearing is an orthodontic treatment using bracers on the inner side of teeth instead of frontal side. When under this treatment, you can be completely assured that no one can find out you are wearing bracers unless you tell them.

This treatment is the number one choice for actor, artist, and people who need a lot of communication.

However, to establish this treatment, It required a highly qualified and experienced doctor. And it also require your completely commitment with doctor’s advices.

Moreover, Lingual dental bracer treatment has a disadvantage of ling treatment time. In comparison with normal frontal bracers in with take slightly longer time and higher cost.

At Bao Viet Dental Clinic, with a workforce of skilled doctor who is experienced and adepted in orthodontic, you can be at easy when undergone treatment with dental bracers. Moreover, at Bao Viet Dental Clinic, you will be examined and consulted free of charge about oral hygiene both before and after treatment.

Oral care when under treatment with lingual dental bracers?

When under this treatment, you should pay attention to these method of oral care:

 _Bracers at the inner side so that make cleaning the bracers harder and more time-consuming. If not cleaned carefully, your teeth might be stained, carried and prone to have gum’s diseases.

 _Limit yourself on hard food, at best, food should be divided into small pieces before eating. Do not ever bite an apple in whole, it will make it easier to stuck in the bracers, and stain your teeth.

 _Using specialized tooth brush for bracer wearing patient. You can buy this brush yourself or with prescription of your doctor.

In the beginning, because of being unfrequented, You might feel cumbersome, or even your tongue might be scratched or swollen. After 1 week, this state would subdued as you get frequented and you will feel normal.

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