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Home Services Cosmetic porcelain dental


3:14 PM 10/11/2015

This method is often used in following cases:

-          Teeth stained from tetracycline, fluoride, huge restoration, and etc.

-          Tooth abrasion.

-          Teeth with huge carious lesion, cracked tooth.

-          Misaligned teeth, misshaped teeth, rugged teeth.

-          Erase gap between teeth.

Types of Ceramic Prosthetics:

Zirconia, all-ceramic prosthetics:

The zirconia-oxide skeleton with high strength and biological compatibility which is covered by high-end ceramic.

The cooperation of CAD/CAM(computer-aided design and manufacturing) ensures accuracy and cosmetic characters. The covering ceramic layer has the same optical character as natural enamel.


Ceramic Veneer:

A thin layer of ceramic to cover the outermost surface of teeth to improve aesthetic and smile. Ceramic veneer is prescribed for stained teeth, teeth with enamel-dentin lesion and slightly misaligned teeth. They have higher durability and more naturally opalescence than composite veneer.

Advantages of all-ceramic prosthetics:

-          Naturally cosmetic

-          Highly compatibility with gingiva

-          Highly staining resistance

-          Easily choose natural color

-          Can change both color and shape

Moreover, you also have other options:

Ceramic-Metal prosthetics:

They have Ni-C or Titan skeleton with covering of ceramic.

In comparison with Ni-Cr alloy, Titan alloy has better bio-compatibility, lower effect on gingiva. However the common disadvantage of metal alloy is staining darkish of gum margin after a period of time

Precious metal-ceramic alloy

Have a skeleton made of precious metal like gold, platinum and etc. High durability, better color (without the dark opaque like normal metal). Good bio-compatibility.

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