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Important facts about Dental bone Graft?

3:25 PM 10/11/2015

 Why do bone grafting necessary?

Stable alveolar bone is bone with good quantity and quality. Actions like chewing will stimulate the area around arch and help strengthen alveolar bone and keep it’s stability.

In cases with periodontal diseases, tooth extracted, tooth lost and/or wearing dentures for a long time would make alveolar bone resorption happen. When tooth is lost, soft tissue around it would shrink and bone begin to resorb.

Alveolar bone resorption will expose the nerve fiber, when there is any pressure exit, you will feel a lot of pain. To improve this state, you should undergone bone grafting.

How does bone grafting processed?

Nowadays, Dentistry is using 4 types of bone grafting: autologous, allograft, synthetic and material similar to bone. Among these types, autologous (grafting with your own bone) is considered to be have many advantages as bone material is from your own body so it very compatible with you.

In Vietnam, majorly, we use autologous graft so we only present you about this method:

Autologous alveolar bone graft is remove a piece of bone from a location to another location on the same patient. Pelvis is a very compatible giving bone location because it rich in ossification cells. It’s a method with high success rate and it’s “a gold standard” in bone graft technology.

Bone grafting protocol in Bao Viet Dental Clinic

Alveolar bone grafting is a complex and difficult protocol: how to locate and validate the site of craft, how much bone to take. It required a doctor with many experiences, highly specialized and equipped with specialized modern tools. Bao Viet Dental Clinic is proud to be one of the numbered clinic in Vietnam qualified these standard.

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