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Consulting for patient with tooth abrasion.

3:51 PM 10/11/2015

 To avoid tooth abrasion, we must find the aetiology. Main causes of abrasion is often from tooth grinding, brush tooth too strong and too much. Acid is also a famous culprit, it can be easily found in drinks like wine, carbohydrate drinks, mineralized water, Vitamin C supplement, aspirin and additional supplement with iron.

 Another cause is heredity, as in case of enamel hypoplasia, calciumundernourished which make the enamel thin and pronto to crack.

When aetiology is located, each patient can prevent abrasion effectively. First, you should avoid hard and sticky food which erode enamel quickly.

Next, choose tooth brusher with soft hair, brush lightly and correctly.

To avoid acid, we should drink milk and chew sugarless gum after meal. Avoid or limit alcohol usage and stress, have good eating habit (eat right food at right time).

Treat your grinding by practice or ask for doctor help.

When your teeth is abraded , based on the condition, dentist will use fluoride varnish to stimulate remineralization, wear bite tray with magnesium hydroxide, sodium bicarbonate, and gel fluoride to deal with gastric. Young patients will need prosthetic with composite, plastic or metal and ceramic to restore abraded surface.



Occlusion lifting equipment help correct the Temporomandibular joint back into standard position and help improve aesthetic condition with other prosthetics to bring back the perfect teeth like patient’s expectation.

Teeth abrasion treatment have many steps which aid in changing your habit and erase the aetiology to assure a healthy and joyful life.

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